Can Kim and Kanye be my parents

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the last one is really specific

I think it’s advice for life

one time I poked my cousin in the shoulder and she whipped around and punched me so fucking hard in the face

Advice for young girls who think I’m a role model: I’ve fucked up tremendously and so

1) don’t date someone who deals drugs that cause addiction problems
2) don’t stay with him when he cheats on you (x2)
3) if he’s violent and he reminds you of your dad you should run and
4) don’t have sex with him AFTER he almost gets you into a jail cell

he might be a pretty Colombian boy who dances really well and has a smile of gold but that shit is not worth it!

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is that where the mug shot is from?

that, sadly, is my real license picture :/


My fav thing about tumblr is the complete lack of country music it makes me feel like this is where I should be

(via homophobic)

fun fact about me my ex-boyfriend (whom I was dating at the time) got arrested last spring and almost took me down with him

I’m undateable because come midterms and exams it’s like I never existed RIP Rupinder Bains

me on a date this really happened

"oh my god… Harry was so little! he was so little when he had to fight Quirrell he was only just a little child ohhhh noo…" and then I started crying


i associate with too many problematics